Mr.Sato was born and brought up in Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan in 1951. His family was
very poor. When he was 14, his mother has passed away. When he was 15, he decided to leave
Hokkaido for Tokyo alone to get a job. Sato wanted to be rich and to support his family. He started
working washing the dishes while he attended high school evening classes. He had a huge dream of
having his own restaurants and to become a successful business manager.
One day he leaned that many of the successful business managers in the US had something in
common. That is an experience of working as a sales representative. Through the experience of
selling products to others and seeing a lot of new people they could build up their characters and
refine their personalities.
He decided to take on a new challenge of working as a sales representative, because Sato was very
shy by nature and he desperately wanted to improve his personality. He took everything as a good
opportunity to build up his character. He made a lot of effort to sell products, but what he did was
very unique. In order to sell products, he focused on his personal growth and making clients happy.
He has dealt in various items such as beauty products, jewelry, and educational materials.
As a result, in 4 years he could own his first restaurant, steak house in Yotsuya, Tokyo. Finally he
expanded his business to the point where he managed 70 restaurants throughout Japan.
Suddenly he attracted a world attention as a young successful entrepreneur. He always had
interviews from TV programs, newspaper, magazines, and interviews even from Hong Kong.
So far this may sound like just a success story of a young man But it wasn’t to him.
The more he became successful in business, the less he felt happy. He couldn’t find any happiness in
expanding his restaurant chain. He started to realize that it was not his natural calling or it was not
what he really wanted to do. He became more and more stressful and felt as if all the doors of his
mind were completely closed.
He says he experienced the torment of hell back then. Because of his incessant negative thoughts he
was sure he could die even without killing himself. He realized that a man will die when his mind
dies. He experienced dead darkness. While he was struggling, he asked to himself for 3 entire days.
“What do I want to do? What do I like the best? What makes me the happiest “He asked himself
again and again.
Finally he realized that he wanted to make other people happy and enthusiastic. He liked to help
other people. He liked to motivate and inspire others. That’s what he had been already doing since
he started to work and that’s what he really wanted to do in his entire life.
At that time he suddenly felt his soul had ascended higher and also felt golden shower falling from
the sky. That was the moment Mr. Sato himself met his True Self. He himself experienced the
It was really an amazing and incredible experience itself, but not only that happened to him but also
he could come up with the way to let other people meet their true nature. He says that the program
of discovering the True Self was visualized in a second.
First he tried the way to his own family members and his employees to see whether or not they can
actually discover their True Self through the program. He thought he had to prove it with evidence
and see how people could change their lives after meeting their true nature.
He let go of all his restaurants and started to engage in helping others by offering True Self
Discovery seminars.
Over the past 25 years he proved and proved with evidence of true life stories of participants
Now he says there is no problem which cannot be solved by discovering the True Self, under one
condition that you work on it very seriously.

Book – English Edition

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Mind Academy – Institute of Gene Activation
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Affirmations to Attract Success and Happiness

(Please keep this attitude in mind while reading aloud:)
My life will surely change for the better if I unleash my passions and read this with all my heart and soul.

Everything is getting better and better.
Thank you very much. Thank you very much.
Everything is thanks to you, thanks to all of you.
Everything is wonderful.
Now is the best time.
I am happy.
I am glad.
I am enthusiastic.
I am delightful.
Life is wonderful.
All I need to do is take action.
I will proudly show the world my unique abilities.
My power is limitless.
I will do it.
I am very glad, happy, and healthy.
I am kind and warmhearted.
I will be more diligent in my work.
I will do it NOW.
There is nothing I cannot do.
Everyone is my friend.
I love everyone.
I really like people.
There is no one whom I dislike.
I will gladly help anyone who asks for it.
I will do it. I will just do it. I will give it my all.
My life happens today.
I live in the Now. Everything exists only now. Now is all there is.
I will exert all of my strength.
Everything is new.
Everything is alive.
I am unique in the world.
I am a wonderful person.
I am helpful to other people.
I will make every possible effort.
I will complete all of the tasks that were assigned to me today.
I am happy, glad, and enthusiastic.
I am full of drive.
I will improve upon everything I did yesterday.
I can do that because I am an openhearted and honest person.
I will write down all of my plans.
And I will put them into practice.
Everything is delightful.
I owe everything to you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
I am responsible.
I am faithful.
I will keep my promises.
I am punctual.
I will produce actual results.
I will devote myself to achievements.
Making my clients happy brings me happiness.
I will follow through on my decisions.
I will never admit to defeat.
Just do it.
I will motivate others.
I will work with them to achieve a wonderful future.
I won’t hesitate.
I admire other people.
I also admire myself.
Because I love other people as well as myself.
Life is pleasant.
Now I want to help other people.
I want them to be happy.
I want to be moved by their happiness
Please give me as many tasks as I can handle.
I will truly finish them right away.
I am very enthusiastic. It burns like a fire within me.
I am like a fireball.
Bring it on! I can do anything.
I will make rapid progress.
I will take decisive action.
I will use all of my power.
I will use every last ounce of my strength.
I will do it. I will do it.
I am surrounded by wonderful people.
I love everyone.
Please teach me more.
I will mature as a person.
I will develop myself.
I will make progress.
Everything is spiritual training.
I will do my work with all my heart.
Because we are all sales people who express love through our work.
My mind is clear.
I have one new idea after another.
I can solve any problem no matter how difficult.
I will cherish every moment.
Because time is life.
I can come up with one idea after another that will make others happy.
I can hear others saying thank you.
I can see people smile.
Thank you, father.
Thank you, mother.
Thank you, my sister.
Thank you, my brother.
Thank you, all of my family.
Thank you, all of my relatives.
Thank you, all of my ancestors.
Thank you, all of my customers.
Thank you, all of my colleagues.
Thank you, everyone who calls me.
Thank you, everyone who visits me.
Thank you, everyone who surrounds me.
Thank you, all the people of the world.
Thank you very much.
I will welcome you with all of my love and gratitude.
I will do it.
I will do it until I see your smiling face.
That is my hope.
My task is to inspire you.
My Job is given to me by God.
Because everyone becomes happy thanks to their jobs.
Because it is beneficial for everyone.
Because it gives me a way to earn a living.
Because it brings me joy and a reason for living.
I am lucky.
I am useful to others.
I am now motivated from the bottom of my heart.
I have come to realize the significance and the purpose of my job.
I will be the most cheerful person in the world.
I will be the most courageous person in the world.
I will be the most lovable person in the world.
I will serve others with wholehearted devotion.
Who else will do it if not me?
I am glad.
I am delighted.
I will do it. I will do it.
Give me more tasks.
I feel grateful.
I feel grateful.
Today is a wonderful day.
Because it is my mind that creates all of the moving and exciting experiences.
Thank you very much.

The Origin of the Soul

Thank you very much.
Thank you, father.
Thank you, mother.
I feel very sorry that I have caused you so much trouble up to now.
I will honestly and truly respect and honor you.
My real duty to my parents is to realize my goals and dreams while I contribute to society.
I haven’t given you anything, but have only received from you.
Now I have turned over a new leaf.
I am determined to do it from the bottom of my heart.
I am surely beneficial to society and am a person with a lot of love.
I haven’t thanked you enough.
Even though I was given these wonderful gifts of my heart and body, I wasn’t grateful enough.
Today I really feel it. I will show you my utmost ability.
I realize that I am a wonderful person.
I will make this wonderful flower bud that I am blossom into the most beautiful bloom possible to achieve my greatest potential for success.
This is what I believe is my true duty to my parents.
Thank you, father.
Thank you, mother.
I will surely do it with my true heart.
When I was sick, you anxiously took me to a hospital.
When I did poorly on my schoolwork, you were very worried about me.
Sometimes I bothered you with my mischief.
I still bother you sometimes.
I feel very sorry.
Now you are getting old.
Your hair is getting grey because of problems I’ve caused.
Now your hair is sparse.
Now you have many wrinkles.
I have to make up my mind firmly now.
Otherwise I will regret it in the future.
I haven’t understood others’ feeling at all.
I have been very selfish until now.
I feel very ashamed.
The first step I should take is to achieve success and happiness.
Today I am reborn.
Now I can share the happiness and pain of others.
I will make the soul inherited from my parents shine as the most brilliant diamond.
And I will pass it on to the next generation.
From today on I will shine like the sun.
I will be a bright and vigorous person.
I will do my best to make society brighten

Five Points of View

See the future.
See the wholeness.
See one point.
See the truth.
See the reality.

My Mind Is Free.

I don’t stick to anything.
I am not restricted.
My mind is totally free and open.
I will give my love and appreciation to everyone.
I will give it everything I have.
I will do anything at the risk of my life.
I will listen to others’ opinions.
But I won’t be pushed around by them.

This Is My One And Only Life.

I will find my life’s mission and accomplish it.
Because this is my one and only life.
I will live my life in earnest with a lot of laughter and tears, because this is my one and only life.
I love myself, others, and everything, because this is my one and only life.
I do my best, because this is my one and only life.
I won’t waste time being jealous, holding a grudge, or hating people, because this is my one only life.
I will take everything including happiness and sadness as love given by heaven, because this is my one and only life.
I will live among people in society as love itself while being aware of my own soul, because this is my one and only life.
I’ll accept others’ failures and ambivalence with an open mind. because this is my one and only life.
I’ll treasure my body, mind and soul, because this is my one and only life.
This is my one and only life.

Live in the Now

Now I have a chance.
Now is the best time.
Everything in the past is in the Now.
Everything in the future is in the Now.
Everything in the past changes if you change the Now.
Everything surrounding you changes if you change the Now.
Life gets going, if you live in the Now.
The soul shines if you live in the Now.
Now is the chance for you.
Here you have a chance now.
Now is the only time to change yourself.
Now, Now, Now, everything is in the Now.
Make a decision now.
Take action now.
Change yourself now.
Life happens now.
Life is not in the past or future.
Don’t regret your past.
The past doesn’t exist.
Don’t fret about your future.
The future doesn’t exist.
The past and future only exists in your mind in the present.
Thank the Now.
Love the Now.
Everything is perfect.
Now represents the universe.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank the Now.

Gratitude is a heart and mind that accept everything as it is.
When you are grateful, the power of the universe works.
Gratitude is a heart and mind that recognize the truth as it is.
You must thank your parents, because the relationship with your parents shows the truth of everything regarding your human relationships that was created by the truth of the universe.
You shouldn’t thank other people because they did something for you, but thank them for being just the way they are.
You shouldn’t just be thankful for being healthy or being sick, but also for the true self that exists deeper within you.
You must also thank other people for what they did to you.
You must thank other people, because you can serve them.
You must be thankful for everything.
There are two kinds of gratitude.
One is gratitude for human relationship.
The other is gratitude for the law of the universe.
If you feel grateful, you will be filled with the universal energy.
If you truly feel grateful, you will be one with God.
Give thanks for the truth.
Give thanks for the absolute truth.
Give thanks for having been born as a human.
Give thanks for having been born as (nationality).
Give thanks for having been born as a universal human.
Give thanks for being who I am.
Give thanks for being who you are.
Give thanks for the event as it is.
Give thanks for the universe as it is.
Give thanks for my past as it was.
Give thanks for the Now as it is.
Give thanks for the future to come.
Thank the person who was strict with me.
Thank the person who gave me an ordeal.
Thank the person who was full of love.
Thank all of the people of the world.
Thank all of the truth of the universe, including me.
I am just grateful.
Thank you.

We Are All One from the Beginning.

I have failed.
I have made a mistake.
I have caused trouble.
I have done a bad thing.
You must have suffered.
That must have been hard for you.
I was not good enough.
I still regret.
I still feel sorry.
But we are all one from the beginning.
All I need to do is realize it.
Everything is love itself.
All I need to do is ignite my heart with love.
It is not too late now.
Now I have come to understand the true meaning of love.
Now I can understand the meaning of being reborn as a human.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank all that has happened.
This is the way life goes.
Now thank you, God.

A Message from Yasuyuki Sato

Awakening to The True Self.

You are light itself.
Be light itself.
Take some time every day for meditation to be light itself.
You’ve made your ascension.
Your consciousness dimension has risen.
Bring light into a grim situation.
See the light side of everyone.
See the light side.
Accept the light.
Your mind creates your reality.
Just accept it.
You will change your town.
You have to make up your mind to change this country and the whole world.
There is someone who is affected by you somewhere.
You have impact on someone in the world.
The spiritual world is wonderful.
The light of one person can light up other people, one after another.
It is delightful.
We are allowed to live with God.
We are needed.
It is a great pleasure when we are happy and acknowledged.
It is an ultimate pleasure when we are acknowledged by God.
Now you are acknowledged by God.
God bless you.
Now you can finally meet your true being.
The heart of love, the heart of the universe, and the heart of light is you.
You are lofty, precious, joyful, and blissful.
Now congratulate.
When you are delighted from the bottom of your heart, your joy will merge into gratitude.
The more you are delighted, the more you will be in a rapture of delight.
Once you leave this place, it might be difficult to carry your realization into your everyday life.
But you don’t have to rush.
It’s all right to take six months or a year.
The most important thing is that you make yourself shine.
If you need help, I will come to you.
Spread the true love as if creating a giant wave.
When you throw a stone into a pond, you will see ripples fan out in all directions.
A circle of light, a circle of love will spread from you.
When your happiness resonates with others’ happiness, it will be supreme bliss.
There are two kinds of axes.
One is the axis of time, the other is the axis of space.
You can go on with letting others know the true love.
While you also raise your conscious dimension.
Now you must be determined to be delighted.
Joy leads to gratitude.
Joy means love.
And joy is the true self.
You can be delighted as you are your true self.
The key to keep shining all the time is to accept the person or event that you think is the worst.
If you can forgive that person or event,
Everything will be all right.
If you can lift a 100 lb. dumbbell, you can lift one that is lighter.

When you keep shining and the circle gets bigger, you will find a tremendous world in front of you.
Others’ happiness will return to you as your happiness.
That will also make your love bigger.
What you should do is to love.
You are love itself.
Just prioritize your inner transformation and development first.

These affirmations are not an idea to add to your mind or thought, but are the words that represent your true self that you already have inside.

Use these affirmations to evoke your true self like priming water. The True Self Discovery seminar is a unique experience in which you can bring out your true self from within and completely alter your life. This can help you make your ascension and open the door of enlightenment.